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Welcome to the NEW Frisky Finches! The Original Home of the Lady Gouldian Finch! Celebrating 25 Years!

Premium Finch and Bird Care Products

Feather Glow ~ Avian Nectar - Finch and Bird Care Products
Frisky Finches Exclusive!
Feather Glow ~ Avian Nectar Liquid Vitamins W/Iodine

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Breeding & Stress Aid for all Birds  - Finch and Bird Care Products
Frisky Finches Exclusive!
Breeding & Stress Aid for all Birds

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Calcium Gluconate 23% Solution 500ml - On sale now - Finch and Bird Care ProductsCalcium Gluconate 23% Solution 500ml – APRIL 2015 Expiration – New Website Grand Re-Opening Special Price!

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Premium Daily Breeder Seed Mix for all Gouldian Finches, Canary's, Finches and Small Birds   - Finch and Bird Care Products
Frisky Finches Exclusive!
Blend # 1: Premium “Daily Breeder” Seed Mix for all Gouldian Finches, Canary’s, Finches and Small Birds.

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Hi Protein Breeding, Molting & Winter Seed Mix for all Gouldian Finches, Canary's, Finches and Small Birds  - Finch and Bird Care Products
Frisky Finches Exclusive!
Blend # 2: Premium “Hi Protein Breeding, Molting & Winter” Seed Mix

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Premium Baby Hatchling and Young Bird Food Mash  - Finch and Bird Care Products
Frisky Finches Exclusive!
Premium Baby Hatchling and Young Bird Food Mash – Now Enriched with Extra Vitamin E!

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Our site is the premier provider for information about Gouldian finches. Here you can get answers to breeding, medications and health care supplements for all finches and seed eating birds. Our premium baby hatchling food is the best choice for baby hatchlings. We use superior quality Leach grains and seeds which are specifically formulated for our Gouldians.

Have you lost any Gouldians in the past to unknown reasons or are you having trouble figuring them out?  If your looking for answers on how to be successful with the Lady Gouldian Finch, you will find them here in the “BIRD CARE LIBRARY”.

By using our proven products, premium vitamin and mineral coated seed blends, nutritional supplements, breeding techniques, health care maintenance program and finch supplies that we use on our own birds, you can also be successful with the Lady Gouldian finch or any seed eating pet birds in captivity…

It’s our belief if you use quality proven products and apply our nutritional supplements, health care and breeding advice to all your birds, this regiment will work to improve their over all health and more importantly “breeding” in any caged or captive bird species. It’s been proven for 25 years with our Lady Gouldian Finches.  It will work with your birds too… For more information about the history of Frisky Finches and it’s owner please see below.

Here at Frisky Finches you will find everything you need to be successful with the Lady Gouldian Finch and all finches from advise to Gouldian friendly products, proven methods and a month by month 12 steps to success calendar with detailed instruction on what we do here at Frisky Finches, how and when we do it.

All of our secrets will be revealed in this website and if we have left anything out or if you have any feed-back, send us an email.  We would appreciate your input and hope you will find your visit helpful and informative. Thank you for your time and interest.

At Frisky Finches we have always used superior quality “Leach Grain’s and Seeds” freshly packaged and blended here on the premises with our own blend of mega concentrated powered vitamins, calcium’s, chelated minerals, trace elements, organic iodine amino acids and other nutritional supplements blended in with our coated seed mixes which are specifically formulated for our Gouldians.  Our seeds are guaranteed to be bug and pest free.

Frisky Finches Premium Baby Hatchling Food is definitely a large part of our “secret to success” with Gouldians.  Our baby hatchling, chick and young bird mash is so power packed with everything necessary for Gouldians or any seed eating birds to develop large, strong and healthy baby birds that I would contribute 40% of our breeding success to using this product.

We have been mixing and using this blend of breeding mash for over 20 years and I am convinced this really helps to give baby Gouldians a big kick start in healthy growth and development.  If it will works this good with Gouldians just imagine what is possible with other birds…  finches, parakeets, doves, pigeons, quail, pheasants, chickens…  We highly recommend you try this product.  You will be very happy with the results, and so will your birds.

Frisky Finches Avian Nectar “Feather Glow“is a concentrated liquid vitamin with “iodine” we have special made and formulated for our birds and I guarantee it will produce stunning results with any colorful exotic birds.  It reduces the stress that feather production creates, greatly improves overall health and gives your birds incredibly beautiful feathers.  This product will give your birds feathers a show quality sheen, brightens colors and produces healthy thick plumage.

Our grit and oyster shell mixes are super charged with our own blend of powered vitamins, calcium’s, chelated minerals, trace elements, organic iodine, charcoal and many other nutritional supplements which are carefully blended right here at Frisky Finches as we have been doing with our Gouldians for many years.

We also supply a selection of the bird care medications,  pest control products for annual maintenance, breeding supplies and accessories that we actually use and have tested so everyone can have guaranteed results and tremendous success breeding the Lady Gouldian Finch.  You have heard the expression, breeding like rabbits…  Our birds do!

About us: Additional Information about the history of Frisky Finches.

Frisky Finch Aviaries has been breeding the “Lady Gouldian Finch” for 25 years and we have in excess of almost 50 years accumulated avian experience breeding various other species of birds from falcons to finches.
I have been a bird lover, owner and breeder for almost 50 years now going back to a young boy. I have owned virtually every species of smaller birds at one time or another in my life and many of the larger ones as well. As a young boy I partnered with an older mentor and together we were very successful breeders of racing pigeons. We won a large percentage of the races we entered and always had a flock of several hundred birds.
In my teenage years got into falconry and trained various species of raptors such as kestrels, coopers, red tail and harris hawks, great horned owls, prairie and even peregrine falcons before they were a protected species and I held a valid California State falconers license.
I then expanded my obsession with birds breeding quail, ducks, geese, chickens, doves and parakeets, crows, ravens, and likely several others I have forgotten over the years and virtually every species of colorful finch available. Yes, I had very tolerant parents who let me explore my passion for birds! We won’t get into the reptiles I have tinkered with or the other mammals.
About 25 years ago I was breeding 15 species of finches from all over the world and it became too difficult as many needed to be housed separately. Our Cuban melodeons were killing my fire and strawberry finches, some species were tossing babies out of other birds nests, the fighting had to stop, I was running out of cages and space so I decided to get rid of them all and focus on just one species, the Lady Gouldian Finch. The reason I chose this species, aside from being one of the most beautiful, was they were a challenge and had a reputation of not being very good breeders and that they die easily. It took me about a year to get them figured out, I lost a few the first year but once I got them figured out they proceeded to breed like crazy. In no time we had Gouldians coming out of my ears as they say.
Our flock today generally ranges from about 300 to 400 birds on average and reaches close to 600 to 700 at the end of the breeding season with all the new babies. We raise on average about 250 birds annually and have for over several decades now. I have literally raised and sold thousands of Gouldians over the years.
Our customers for years demanded that I share my secrets, experience and products with them so about 10 years ago I was forced to write down what I do and publish it on a website so our customers would have access to both my knowledge and products. To my surprise our internet business was born. For those customers who have been loyal throughout the years THANK YOU and for those just coming aboard we look forward to helping you attain your goals with keeping your birds happy, healthy and Frisky!