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#153 $29.99 each
These automatic water bowls are made for commercial use by poultry farms, dairy's and many other professional or agricultural applications.  We have been using these for over 10 years, they work fantastic and have proven to be extremely dependable.  They could be used for almost any birds or small pets and are especially handy for vacations or when you are just away for a few days or even weeks at a time.
These water bowls hang from the PVC pipe or hose they are connected to and are water pressure filled and shut off by a very reliable spring and valve. When the water reaches the preset level in the red bowl, the weight of the bowl "with the water in it" pushes down on the spring loaded valve and shuts it off.  As your birds or small pets drink and the water level is reduced it is automatically refilled to the preset level. There is a pair of adjustment nuts which can be screwed up or down the valve stem to adjust the water level. The threaded screw on connector comes with a sediment screen to eliminate clogging the on/off valve.  The replacement valves are very in-expensive and seldom "if ever" need to be replaced.  We use about 15 of these automatic watering bowls 24/7 year round in our different holding cages and aviary with virtually no problems in over 10 years of constant use.


All connections are all made of solid brass to prevent sticking or corrosion when used with hard water that has a heavy mineral content.  The red water bowl holds about 2 1/2 inches deep of water (which the level is adjustable)  and measures 6 inches across from side to side.   The bowl is constructed of heavy duty in destructible thick plastic for easy cleaning and durability.  

The set up is fun and easy, you can use standard schedule 40 1/2 inch PVC pipe and fittings which can be hard plumed into your house or there are fittings to just hook it to a faucet. All of this is available for just a few dollars from your local Home improvement store.  You can use any other water delivery system such as standard galvanized pluming pipe and fittings, a standard garden hose, copper tubing, etc...  screw the end of the valve and bowl directly on to a 1/2 inch PVC threaded to slip fitting or thread to thread pipe fitting and connect to any water source for permanent automatic water being supplied to your birds or pets at all times.  This high quality professional product will give you many years of trouble free service and it's well worth having the piece of mind your birds or small pets will never run out of water while you're away.