Aviary Hygiene

It is very important to keep your birds living area clean to eliminate exposing your Gouldian finches to bacteria, disease, insects and parasites. Old seed husks, old seed and bird droppings should be kept clean at all times. Feeding containers and watering bowls need regular
maintenance.Smaller cages should also be cleaned regularly indoors or outdoors.

Exposed dirt or wet soil on the floor of your Gouldians loft is a recipe for disaster. Concrete or wooden floors are recommended for outdoor aviaries. If you are fancier of other bird species such as poultry, pigeons, doves, quail and others, which are housed in an outdoor “walk in type aviary” you need to be aware that this can cause many problems with your Gouldians if they are also in a “walk in cage” because you can easily transfer bacteria and disease on your shoes from one cage to the next. The Gouldians then ingest these problems when they pick at the seed on the floor of your cages.

Gouldian finches are very susceptible to becoming sick from the same parasites and diseases a lot of these other species of birds carry and are affected much easier and faster if exposed to them.

Wet conditions are especially dangerous. Coccidiosis, Canker, Guardia, Cryptosporidium and a host of many other diseases, parasites, insects and bacteria will thrive under any wet, dirty conditions and will cause you and your birds nothing but problems. Your cages small or large must remain clean and dry at all times.

A “must read” article on the Lady Gouldian Finch and protozoan infections; Canker, Guardia, Cochlosomosis & Cryptosporidium.

Clean Water: Another very important note regarding bacteria is to keep their drinking water clean at all times. It should be changed often, if not daily. This is especially important during the warmer summer months due to the fact that molds, algae and bacteria grow much faster in higher temperatures.