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'www.friskyfinches.com - Our site is the premier provider for information about Gouldian finches. Here you can get medication, health care and supplements for finches. Our premium baby hatchling food is the best choice for baby hatchlings. We use superior quality Leach grains and seeds which are specifically formulated for our Gouldians.'

Have you lost any Gouldians in the past to unknown reasons or are you having trouble figuring them out? If your looking for answers on how to be successful with the Lady Gouldian Finch, you will find them here.

By using our proven products, premium vitamin and mineral coated seed blends, nutritional supplements, breeding techniques, health care maintenance program and finch supplies that we use on our own birds, you can also b successful with the Lady Gouldian finch or any seed eating pet birds in captivity...

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Daily Breeder

inch Seed – Mix # 1: Premium “Daily Breeder” for a nutritional year round balanced diet, Gouldian Finch Seed, Zebra Finch Seed, Bulk Finch Seed , Pet Finch Seed Food for Finches and Small Birds.

$7.89 – $23.99

Winter Molting

Finch Seed – Mix # 2: Premium “Winter Molting” High Protein Breeder Mix for the cold winter months and molting season, Gouldian Finch Seed, Zebra Finch Seed, Bulk Finch Seed, Pet Finch Seed Food for Finches and Small Birds.

$7.89 – $23.99

Premium Baby Hatchling and Young Bird Food Mash – Now Enriched with Extra Vitamin E!

This Product Really Works “Without Insecticides”! All Natural Crawling Insect Killer…

$5.99 – $27.69



Dear Gary, Your supplies are the best. By following your 12 month tutorial I have had Amazing success in breeding and caring for my Gouldians. By  following the monthly guide all my birds are healthy and happy. Can’t wait for the young birds to color. It’s like having grey surprise packages! I cannot stress enough how well my birds are doing following the 12 month guide you wrote. Thanks again

Jim Lapidus

Thank you for your help the other day w/ my sick female Gouldian she is doing much better!

Lisa – Greenville, SC

Lisa - Greenville, SC
Thank you for your information regarding breeding.

Gloria – Lubbock TX

Gloria - Lubbock TX
Wonderful site! I have learned a lot about Gouldian finches. My pair just had four babies. Thank you!

Karen – Old Greenwich, CT

Karen - Old Greenwich, CT
I am very pleased with the food and my gouldians are doing great! Thank you!

Constance – Stamford, NY

Constance - Stamford, NY
Gary, I have been so impressed with how responsive you have been when my "bird" friends and I have emailed you with Gouldian questions. You have literally saved the lives of some of our birds. Thank you so much!

Carol – Brawley, CA

Carol - Brawley, CA
Hi Gary, Just wanted to thank you for that new mixture of stress relief and breeding aid.5 babies were born this week to one pair and I have another pair nesting with several eggs. More amazing, I have been giving it to my Cordon Blue's, who have not shown signs of mating for three years, and they have stepped up their activity on a daily basis! They've increased their intake of meal worms so maybe I'll have success with them, too! If I do, you get first dibs. If you want them. Take care and talk to you soon.

Gina, Faculty and Staff, College of the Canyons, Valencia, CA

Gina, Faculty and Staff, College of the Canyons, Valencia, CA


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