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Its our belief if you use quality proven products and apply our nutritional, health care and breeding advice to all your birds, this regiment will work to improve over all health and more importantly “breeding” in any caged or captive bird species. Its been proven for over 25 years with our Lady Gouldian Finches. It will work with your birds too…

If your looking for a complete line of Veterinary approved premium grade pharmaceutical products for your pet birds please consider visiting our sister website. There you will find a full line of Vetafarm pharmaceutical products from Australia’s primary avian health care company. The Bird Cottage offers Vetafarm food supplements, bird, finch and parrot pellets, vitamin supplements, medication for sick birds, antibiotics, protozoan and bacterial infection medicine, insect and parasite pest control products and much more!

Here at Frisky Finches you will find everything you need to be successful with the Lady Gouldian Finch from advise to Gouldian friendly products, proven methods and a month by month 12 steps to success calendar with detailed instruction on what we do here at Frisky Finches, how and when we do it.

All of our secrets will be revealed in this website and if we have left anything out or if you have any feed-back, send us an email. We would appreciate your input and hope you will find your visit helpful and informative. Thank you for your time and interest.

Frisky Finch Aviaries has been breeding the “Lady Gouldian Finch” for over 25 years and we have in excess of 40 years accumulated avian experience breeding various other species of birds from falcons to finches.


Please visit our introduction and essentials pages to learn what nutritional supplements should be available to your birds every day in order to have healthy Gouldians, Finches & birds.

Also see our new article on Lady Gouldian Finches with Canker and protozoan infections ; Have your birds or finches suddenly become sick while breeding and die? Have your baby hatchlings and baby birds suddenly become sick within a few weeks of hatching and die or the parents quit feeding them? Please read this article, you will find it very informative and helpful. Thank you!


About Us: I started off with a love of birds as a young boy and tried to experience all I could get my hands on… hummingbirds, parakeets, doves, quail, pheasant, peacocks, ducks, geese, crows, ravens into a little falconry with owls, hawks and falcons, yes, I had a very tolerant Mother (and these were just the birds). We wont get into the insects, reptiles and larger creatures I tinkered with… Anyway, I also ended up “racing pigeons” as a hobby for quite a few years and was very successful at it I might add. Aside from practicing Falconry, my racing pigeons are where I really learned about birds, avian diseases, breeding methods, genetics, medications and most important “AVIAN NUTRITION”.


When racing pigeons, you need “healthy” birds in top condition with perfect feathers, incredible strength and stamina to win. Our birds had to endure 600 mile races from Washington State down through Oregon, California into Southern California. I learned through experience over the years all of this was attainable with genetics or (breeding), training and proper “NUTRITION”.


Long story we will skip but many years later my father caught a cockatiel on his balcony which escaped from some unlucky bird owner. Gave it to us and here we go with the birds again. One thing lead to another and suddenly we have 14 species of finches from all over the world and things are getting out of control. We took a liking to the Lady Gouldian finch which we really thought was the most beautiful and we had good luck breeding them. All this truly started as an accident which turned into a hobby out of control and now this….. A website…


It took us a few years and a few losses to figure these finches out but eventually we did. Think about this for a moment, consider what kind of a diet a professional athlete has when they are in training for a race or game; or the high protein diet of a race horse in training, or the balanced meals you provide for your children so they will grow up healthy or how about just fertilizer to keep your lawn greener. Gouldians are almost that simple, they need more fertilizer! Joking…


If you put the right things in “NUTRITION” you will definitely get the right kind of results. Stronger athletes, faster horses, yes, healthier birds…


If you consider where the Gouldian finch originated from “Australia” and realize the environment on that Continent is completely different than any where else on earth. The elements in the soils, (grit), water and seeds they consumed daily in the wild were full of calciums, minerals, charcoal, iodine, trace elements and many other supplements they still need in order to be healthy.


Gouldians dont get these nutrients in captivity because the foods we offer them come from a different location on the planet than from where they originated. There seeds are grown here in the USA or other parts of the world where the elements in the soil and water they are irrigated with are completely different.


You have to give them “extra” nutritional supplements in captivity to maintain their proper health, incredibly beautiful feathers and spunky attitudes. Nutrition is especially important in preparation for the molting and breeding seasons. I will get into this in more detail later in the information section ( 12 steps to success ).


For many years our customers have been asking us to consider selling the products we use to breed and raise our birds to them. We would try to share the information of what we use, how and when we do it. The problem was a lot of the products we use have to be purchased in bulk from suppliers in the USA, Belgium, Germany, Australia other parts of the world. Customers with just a few birds would have to buy several years worth of product because of the quantities necessary to purchase. We would try to answer their questions, but could never explain everything in a short period of time so I finally decided to give it a try and put it in writing so here we go… I hope its helpful to you… back to the birds…


All of our Lady Gouldians are raised year round in an outdoor aviary and have access to direct sunlight and fresh air daily. We do not believe that Gouldians are as delicate as some breeders make them out to be if they are provided with the necessary nutrients needed in captivity.


In our location temperatures can range from the mid 20s in the winter at night up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months and we have never experienced any problems with our birds due to what some would consider extreme temperatures.


We have kept meticulous detailed breeding records on all of our Gouldian finches to insure strong genetics for future blood-lines in our loft. We also specifically pair our birds to maintain good overall size and deep vibrant colors.


Frisky Finches is a breeder of red, black & orange (yellow gene) faced Gouldian finches with green backs and Normal “Purple” Breasts or hybrid “White” Breasts”.


At Frisky Finches we have always used superior quality “Leach Grains and Seeds” freshly packaged and blended here on the premises with our own blend of mega concentrated powered vitamins, calciums, chelated minerals, trace elements, organic iodine amino acids and other nutritional supplements blended in with our coated seed mixes which are specifically formulated for our Gouldians. Our seeds are guaranteed to be bug and pest free.


Frisky Finches Premium Baby Hatchling Food is definitely a large part of our ” secret to success ” with Gouldians. Our baby hatchling, chick and young bird mash is so power packed with everything necessary for Gouldians or any seed eating birds to develop large, strong and healthy baby birds that I would contribute 40% of our breeding success to using this product.


We have been mixing and using this blend of breeding mash for over 20 years and I am convinced this really helps to give baby Gouldians a big kick start in healthy growth and development. If it will works this good with Gouldians just imagine what is possible with other birds… f inches, parakeets, doves, pigeons, quail, pheasants, chickens… We highly recommend you try this product. You will be very happy with the results, and so will your birds.


Frisky Finches Avian Nectar ” Feather Glow is a concentrated liquid vitamin with “iodine” we have special made and formulated for our birds and I guarantee it will produce stunning results with any colorful exotic birds. It reduces the stress that feather production creates, greatly improves overall health and gives your birds incredibly beautiful feathers. This product will give your birds feathers a show quality sheen, brightens colors and produces healthy thick plumage.


Our grit and oyster shell mixes are super charged with our own blend of powered vitamins, calciums, chelated minerals, trace elements, organic iodine, charcoal and many other nutritional supplements which are carefully blended right here at Frisky Finches as we have been doing with our Gouldians for many years.


We also supply a selection of the bird care medications, pest control products for annual maintenance, breeding supplies and accessories that we actually use and have tested so everyone can have guaranteed results and tremendous success breeding the Lady Gouldian Finch. You have heard the expression, breeding like rabbits… Our birds do!


If you are looking for a few answers start by visiting the “General Information” page for a library of basic educational information on the Lady Gouldian Finch and then our “Introduction” & “Essentials” pages where we start to go into specific detail.


Most important visit our article on the “12 steps to success breeding the Lady Gouldian Finch” where we reveal all of our secrets to successfully breeding these finches, what products we use and when and how to use them with a step by step guide anyone can follow for absolute success breeding the Lady Gouldian Finch.


We offer all the products Frisky Finches actually uses on our own birds so you can enjoy the same tremendous results we do. Please visit our Shopping pages for everything you will need to be successful with the Lady Gouldian Finch. We offer a wide selection of bird and finch supplies such as specialty finch seeds which are blended exclusively for the Lady Gouldian Finch which you can not get in the pet stores, nutrition & health supplies – vitamins, mineral supplements, health care maintenance and bird care products for all finches.


We also offer flower moth insect control for those who have bought their seed elsewhere… with instruction on how to get rid of them, parasite control and other pest control products, breeding supplies, Health Care Supplement For All Finches. Lady Gouldian Finches Bird Breeding