4. April – Canary Seed, Flax, Rape, Hemp Seed & Japanese Millet

On the grassy plains of Northern Australia where the Lady Gouldian finch originated, during the early spring months the grasses start seeding which provided this added protein naturally to the wild Gouldians in preparation for the upcoming molt and breeding season. We replicate this seasonal event by keeping a plentiful supply of canary seed available to our birds in addition to the daily mixed Gouldian seeds that are always available to them.

April through February we introduce our Breeding Season/Winter Gouldian seed blend which has a high concentration of Canary, Japanese millet and Hemp seed mixed with flax and rape seeds. We keep this available through the molting season and breeding season until the end of the cold weather in February.

The reason for adding the flax and rape seed is they are both very high in the oil’s necessary to help the birds produce their very colorful new feathers while molting. Flax and rape seed will also help the new baby Gouldians with producing their new feathers. Canary seed is a grass seed which is very high in protein and will also help ease the stress and production of the birds molting into their new feathers.


The Japanese millet and Hemp seeds aid in the molting seasons feather production plus the Japanese millet is a softer lighter seed which is easy for the new young birds to eat and digest after they leave the nest box. The adults will also feed it to the upcoming new hatchlings in the nest. We have found the Japanese millet, flax and hemp seeds help the hatchlings and young birds build bulk and size as they continue to grow into young adults. The Japanese millet, flax and hemp seed will stay available at all times through the rest of the breeding season and winter into the end of February. This mix will also help the birds get through the colder winter months to fend off the effects of the lower temperatures.


Although there is an ample supply of canary seed in our regular Frisky Finches Gouldian mix, the birds do prefer to eat more of the canary seed during different times of the year and will favor one seed to the another during different times if the year. You could probably just leave the breeding/winter mix in year round to simplify things a little if you like.


Continue the regiment of feather glow liquid vitamins, calcium and molting aid in their drinking water.


Continue to keep the serving dishes and water containers clean and maintain proper loft or cage hygiene.


During the second week of April we add Nekton E in with the feather glow, liquid calcium and molting aid in the bird’s only source of drinking water, 4 days on, 3 days off with fresh water. Nekton E helps the birds absorb the vitamins and nutrients into their system and kick starts the urge for breeding. This should be used along with the other products throughout the month of May.


We highly recommend using this product in the beginning of the breeding season.


Nekton E is also available on our shopping pages.


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