How to Be Successful With Lady Gouldian Finch Breeding?

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The only feasible way to deal with the shrinking figure of Lady Gouldian Finches is to promote the breeding methodology. As Golden Finches are categorized as endangered species since 1992, they are subjected to various conservation programs. There are so fewer numbers of mature Gouldian Finches that, even permanent subpopulation can only save around 250 individuals. Indeed, the statistics are really shocking; but it simply concludes that, breeding is the best method at present.


If you are about to breed a pair of Gouldian Finches and confused about the procedure, it is highly recommended to take a pause and to learn the things first. Without proper knowledge, it is impossible to ensure successful breeding of Lady Gouldian Finch. You must use high-quality Finch breeding supplies to enhance the conditions of healthy and hygienic breeding.


Below here, some important facts about the breeding process are keenly described. You must go through the information to gain the necessary knowledge.


Appropriate Nest Box for breeding process –Cage breeding is the safest way to ensure successful mating of male and female Gouldian Finch. Here, you can control the genetics of the offspring and can also look after the entire process without any negligence. It is recommended to build a large wooden nest box with an open side, using best quality Finch breeding supplies. As the Gouldians prefer grass for nest building, you can also purchase commercial grasses for the nest. Make sure, the top of the nest box is open for easy access. It’s wise to use coconut fibers and burlaps to ensure good warmth during the breeding season.


Be attentive about the interaction of cock and hen –Once the nest box is ready and the birds are paired up in the cages, they are all set for the mating process. As per the courtship ritual, the cock will jump straight up and down, while continuously singing and waiting for a response from the hen. Well, you need to be very attentive during the interaction process, as the cock often shows aggressive behavior. Until, the hen is willing for breeding, you must look after the actions of the cock. Before initiating the mating process, the Gouldian finches will bow & shake their beaks with each other. Make sure; the cock doesn’t hurt the hen in any way.


Do not disturb during the breeding season –Gouldian Finches are private birds, and thus the copulation occurs inside the nest box. After the mating process, then comes the egg-laying and incubation phase. In between this period, you should not disturb or disrupt the nest. As the babies are newly born, the parent Gouldians become over-protective during this time. Wait for around two weeks, and then check whether all the nestlings are alive or not. However, don’t disturb the nest, or else the parents may abandon the babies. You have to be very careful in checking and cleaning the nest, otherwise, the entire hard work would just go in vain.


For more details regarding the breeding process, you can consult with the experts. Just make sure that, you are following the procedure correctly and only using high-quality Gouldian Finch breeding supplies.