How to Take Care of Lady Gouldian Finches?

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Do you know, Gouldian Finch is an endangered species? Back in 1992, the viable population of Gouldian Finch was estimated to be less than 2500 individuals, and since then the figure is declining gradually. At present, Gouldian Finches are subjected to a conservation program, where they are allowed to live and breed in natural conditions.


No doubt, Lady Gouldian Finch is one of the vividly colorful birds on earth. They measure between 5 to 5.5 inches in size and ensure rainbow colors all throughout their body. Basically, there are three varieties of Lady Gouldian Finches – The yellow-headed (Poephila Armitiana), The black-headed (Poephila Gouldiae), and The red-headed (Poephila Mirabilis). Apart from these three varieties, you can also witness some hybrids including blue, silver, and yellow mutations. As compared to the male, the Lady Gouldian Finches require more supplements, nutrients, and vitamins in captivity. It is essential to pay meticulous attention when dealing with Golden Finches, as they need delicate care and handling.


The breeders face a lot of difficulties in maintaining the Gouldian Finches due to lack of knowledge and experience. Thus, below here some important facts have been mentioned regarding the life support and care of Lady Gouldian Finches.


Housing of Gouldian Finches – As compared to other species of Finches, the Gouldian Finches need the largest flying space to survive within. According to experts, the flying area should be 24 inches at least, and the cage or aviary must be in the shape of a box. It is highly recommended to avoid brass cages, as these involve potential toxic elements for the creatures. Gouldians need natural sunlight as well as shades to live happily and stress-free, thus you must design a spacious cage or aviary accordingly. The Gouldian Finches never prefer to live alone, so make sure to include a group of Gouldians in a single place.


Food and water – The Gouldians just love to eat fresh grasses with sorghum seeds. Apart from natural seeds and millets, the birds also consume commercial seeds along with fruits and leafy vegetables. It is recommended to provide separate feeding bowls for grains and fruits. In case, you want to gift a special treat to your Finches, then a cuttlebone with crushed oyster would be great. You must change the water regularly to ensure clean and fresh drinking facilities.


Health issues – Just like other species, the Lady Gouldian Finches also experience critical health conditions. Some common health-related problems observed in Gouldians include Egg Binding, Air sac mites, and Canker & Protozoan infection. Being a breeder or caretaker, you must collect necessary information regarding these infections or diseases. When a bird is ill, she prefers to lay down all the day in a small corner with pale feathers and weak body. Don’t make any delay in communicating with an expert, else the creature may end up her life.


With these three basic considerations, you can take good care of Lady Gouldian Finches. You should never forget that, Gouldian Finches are the most delicate birds and require proper attention as well as care. It is solely your responsibility to handle the birds with good care, so that they can spend at least 5-8 years without any illness or issues.