Introduction to the Lady Gouldian Finch

Let me start by saying the Lady Gouldian Finch is not for the beginning bird enthusiasts. If you are not willing to do your homework, purchase and provide the products necessary to maintain their proper health you should probably consider the zebra finch or society finches which are both very hearty and resultant birds for those wanting to start a new hobby.

It is our belief that the elements in the environment of Northern Australia , where the Lady Gouldian Finch originated, are very different than that of most other parts of the world. Because of this Gouldian finches must have higher quantities of certain vitamins, calcium’s, minerals and trace elements made available to them at all times in captivity to maintain proper health.

These nutritional supplements were abundant in the water, soil and seeds they consumed daily while being in the wild. We have found that if the Lady Gouldian finch is presented with the proper seeds and nutritional supplements needed in captivity they will thrive and produce abundant healthy offspring.

We here at Frisky Finches have formulated and tested our own special blend of seed mixes and powered nutritional supplements which we have used for many years on our birds to produce proven success breeding the Lady Gouldian Finch.

All of the seeds, nutritional supplements and other products contained within this article are actually used at Frisky Finches with our own birds to produce such tremendous results and are now available for purchase online in our shopping pages.

Our seeds are purchased in bulk directly from the grower and are guaranteed to be fresh and packaged daily upon being ordered.

We also offer a good selection of breeding supplies to help you replicate the success we have with the Lady Gouldian Finch.

If you would like access to a detailed “Manual” on how to be successful breeding and maintaining the Lady Gouldian Finch please read our articles entitled “12 steps to success breeding the Lady Gouldian finch”.

You will find this information on our “12 Steps to Success Breeding the Lady Gouldian Finch” pages for a January through December detailed explanation on what to use, how and when to use them.

Our formula for breeding healthy Gouldians has been tested for many years and it works! By using our proven products and tested breeding methods, we have not lost any Gouldians due to molting, egg binding or any of the other problems people tend to have with the Lady Gouldian finch for over 8 years. Give these birds what they need in captivity and you will find as we have that they will thrive!

This system will work with as little as 1 or 2 pairs of Gouldians or hundreds of birds such as we have. All you need to do is adjust the quantities, products and recommendations accordingly.

If you follow our 12 steps to success breeding the Lady Gouldian finch, you’re assured to have happy “Frisky Finches” which will breed with fantastic results and live long healthy lives.

We hope you will love your Lady Gouldian finches as much as we do and have many years of enjoyment and success with them.

This article is copyrighted 2006 for Frisky Finches and is not meant to be reprinted, replicated, or republished without our expressed written permission. Thank you.