7. July – Continue with the breeding regiment

Starting the month of July through October we reduce the liquid vitamin and calcium regiment and alternate this formula to every other week or skip a week in between and give the birds just plain water for the full week, one week on (4 days on the vitamins & calcium, 3 days off and continue with pure water the following week), an additional week off. In other words you will only be treating your birds with liquid supplements for 2 weeks out of the month.


If your Gouldians become to crowded in their cage(s) you may remove the new young birds after they loose the blue spots on the sides of the beaks however it is best to leave them together with the parents to continue learning from them as long as possible if you have the room in the cage. This is to help teach the young birds how to feed the new babies being raised by the parents.


Clean out and replace the nesting materials and poultry dust in any nest boxes not being used. Watch your birds closely to be sure the nest boxes are not being used or there are not any birds interested in them or looking inside them for nesting when replacing nesting materials.


Cleaning out the used nesting boxes helps to increase the available box selection for your birds and will help to improve your over all breeding success. Some Gouldians will not continue to use their old dirty box once it’s abandoned from a previous batch of babies and will seek out a new clean one after the young birds leave the nest box.


Remember to keep the serving dishes and water containers clean and continue to maintain proper loft hygiene.


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