Nutritional Requirement of Gouldian Finch in Breeding Stage

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Breeding is one of the most difficult phases for any bird, and similar is the case with your pretty cute Gouldian Finches. They are much sensitive to breeding, that even basic feeding is just not enough for them. For the best chance of success, they should be feed with high-value nutritional food several months in advance. For instance, if you are planning Gouldian Finch breeding in December, then you need to begin their breeding diet from October. Feeding birds the right food helps in overall improvement of the bird’s health.


Let’s have a look through most essential food components present in breeding birds –


Calcium – Essential for Egg Production and Young Chicks


Calcium is vital during the breeding season, especially during the egg laying process. A diet rich in calcium can help in egg binding and hatching of young chicks.


Egg binding is one of very serious and potentially deadly condition for female Gouldian Finch during they are attempting to lay eggs that can be because of poor nutrition or lack of calcium. The eggs get lodged in the birth canal and the Gouldian female finds it difficult to pass. The bird will feel sick and weak. It’s really a serious condition, where you need to feed calcium supplement rich in calcium and vitamin D3 formula to improve egg shell quality and bone strength such as Vetafarm Calcivet.


Vitamin – Aids to Fertility and Better Hatching Results


Vitamin E plays a vital role in maintaining fertility and hatching in Gouldian Finch. It also promotes a bird’s metabolic activities, such as synthesis of protein, carbohydrate, fat, mineral and water particles completely. Supplements containing vitamin E is the best aid for preparing your pet from the pressure of breeding season.


Nekton E 35gr is one important medicine to improve fertility in breeding birds. It contains the vital vitamin E as alpha tocopherol acetate, which is important for Gouldian Finch breeding. It protects against degeneration of heart and skeletal muscles, helps in producing better laying results and strengthens bone defects. The medicine also protects from liver and kidney troubles.


Another relatively common deficiency is that of Vitamin D3, which is essential for creating and maintaining healthy bones, for good condition of the feathering and spawning. To synthesize this vitamin, the Vetafarm calcivet supplement, Vetafarm multivet, Vetafarm soluvite-D powder, and many others are one of the best options.


Proteins – Prepares Birds for Breeding


A diet to prepare for Gouldian Finch breeding should be high in protein (amino acids), fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Proteins are the building blocks of the body and are sometimes essential for reproduction phase of Gouldian Finch. The birds that are in spawning and upbringing of chicks or are in development phase, they need more protein than a normal bird.


Protein can be found in many of their seeds, but not in the amounts they require to prepare their bodies for the rigors of the breeding season. For additional protein, they may be offered chitted seed, boiled egg, or supplements rich in proteins and vitamins. The best way is adding Vetafarm multivet supplements for breeding stimulation and maximum chick growth. The birds can get 80% of protein from the seed, fruit and pulses you are feeding them. Feed your birds with quality food supplements only.


These are three basic nutritional requirements for Gouldian Finch breeding. There are other food supplements to fulfill the deficiency of iodine, Vitamins A, B, D, E and K, Niacin, Folic acid, Biotin and Pantothenic acid, crushed oyster shell blend, probiotic and many more. All of these are important and compulsory for your breeding bird. Feed right food for successful breeding.