Permanently get rid of Pests

Mites and lice are a very common problem in all wild and captive birds. Air sac mites, red mites, scaly face mites & lice are very difficult to get rid of once a bird has become infected. You cannot see them with the naked eye so by the time a bird is showing symptoms it’s already badly infected. To fully cure your bird(s) of these parasitic pests we recommend 3 treatments 10 days apart using Scatt by Vetafarm or Ivomec. The triple dose over a period of time is necessary to break the life cycle because the air sac mites quickly leave eggs behind inside the birds lungs/air sacs, face, legs or body which will hatch out days or weeks after the bird has been treated, the newly hatched mites lay more eggs which will continue to re-infect the bird. To be sure you break the life cycle we recommend 3 treatments to kill all future eggs hatching. In other words 3 treatments (3 drops) total in 30 days, – NOT 3 DROPS PER TREATMENT – each treatment of only one drop on the skin 10 days apart…




Dose: One drop on the skin under the wing on the upper breast meat just below the arm/wing pit there is a patch where no feathers grow, if you blow lightly or blow lightly on the back of the neck to expose the skin and put one drop on the skin. Both medications are absorbed through the skin but you only need to use one of them. If breeding we recommend the Scatt, if not breeding the Ivomec seems to have a better residual.


IMPORTANT: We also recommend spraying the birds cage, perches, nest boxes, hanging wicker baskets and all other roosting places where the mites can hide. This should also be repeated after 10 days a second time to kill any hatching eggs. All supplements, food , water bowls or containers should be removed while spraying. We recommend using a product such as Permectrin II with a spraying devise like a tank sprayer or spray bottle or you can use a product such as AIL (Avian Insect Liquidator) which comes in both concentrate or RTU forms.

Permectrin II

Avian Insect Liquidator


Also if your bird has been infected for a long period of time with air sac mites and has problems breathing without any exercising we recommend using a strong antibiotic such as Amtyl to quickly heal any existing infection which may exist in the birds air sacs from the parasites attack. Amtyl is a combination of amoxicillin for body and intestinal problems and Tylan for respiratory problems.


Dose: 1 1/2 teaspoon per gallon of fresh water as only water source for 7 to 10 days. 10 days recommended and up to 14 days max…


You may mix Amtyl with any of our Frisky Finches recommended vitamin supplements, liq calcium, liq mineral supplements or Ronivet for canker treatment into one liquid cocktail according to the dose use recommendations on each product. Usually a sick bird is nutritionally deprived, by administering a supplemental cocktail along with the birds medication it will greatly reduce the sick birds recovery time.


If you need further info on the supplements we recommend to permanently get rid of pests or if you have any further questions please let me know…


Thank you!