Jim Lapidus

Dear Gary,

Your supplies are the best. By following your 12 month tutorial I have had Amazing success in breeding and caring for my Gouldians. By  following the monthly guide all my birds are healthy and happy. Can’t wait for the young birds to color. It’s like having grey surprise packages! I cannot stress enough how well my birds are doing following the 12 month guide you wrote.

Thanks again

Jim Lapidus


Hi Gary, Just wanted to thank you for that new mixture of stress relief and breeding aid.5 babies were born this week to one pair and I have another pair nesting with several eggs. More amazing, I have been giving it to my Cordon Blue’s, who have not shown signs of mating for three years, and they have stepped up their activity on a daily basis! They’ve increased their intake of meal worms so maybe I’ll have success with them, too! If I do, you get first dibs. If you want them. Take care and talk to you soon.

Yours, Gina, Faculty and Staff, College of the Canyons, Valencia, CA


Gary, I have been so impressed with how responsive you have been when my “bird” friends and I have emailed you with Gouldian questions. You have literally saved the lives of some of our birds. Thank you so much!

Carol - Brawley, CA

Tanya and Milton

Hello Gary , We started off raising just canaries. Then my husband Milton wanted to raise finches. Without your 12 step advice I don’t think our finches would have lived through the illnesses we didn’t understand. Your web site is so informational and your advice is priceless. We were shocked that we could use ivomec on them. We are located in Paauilo on the big island and we are ranchers, we use ivomec on all our animals. We have cows, chickens, racing pigeons, cockatiels, canaries, parakeets, finches and numerous different animals. But to think we could use ivomec to help in the health care of our little finches. Your knowledge of the care of these animals is priceless. We can actually see the change in the feathers, eyes, and behavior of our finches following your 12 step advice. We were surprised and thankful that all this useful information was free. You really helped us learn and understand them better. All the medication and vitamins are worth while and affordable. Even the shipping cost was reasonable even though we are all the way in Hawaii . Again thanks for your loyalty and support in raising such beautiful birds, lady gouldians. I have already received the order. We are very happy and satisfied with all your products and advice. Lucky we have resources like you to help us out. Thanks again

Tanya and Milton - Hawaii


Hi Gary, Just wanted to give you an update on our “frisky finches”, we have EGGS! They have 5 eggs so far. They have been laying 1 a day. We are so excited, can’t tell how happy we are that we went through you to get them. We even bought a new aviary for them. So now the Zebra’s & Cordon Blues are in one, and the Gouldians have their very own. Thanks again for you help, we’ll stay in touch.

Susan Executive Assistant to the Medical Director, Riverside , CA


Wow!! I received my order today, now that is what we call customer service. I have been ordering my finch food from a local place, it is so expensive (but I do want the best for my finches). When I found your website I decided to give your products a try. My birds are eating and I mean really feasting on the food. I added the vitamins to the water and they are very happy. The products were packaged so well. I do thank you, and I am certain my birds would too if they could speak. Have a great summer. I will order again in the near future. Best regards to you and your staff-may you all prosper and stay healthy



Hi Gary, Thank you for helping me with my yellow head, he is doing great now. Also I wanted to let you know the color of my Cordon Blues is amazing since I started them on your regime. My male’s blue is so vibrant, and my female is now the color that my male was when I got them! So, thank you again, I am glad I found your website!

Anne Oxnard , CA


Hi Gary, It’s been a long time since communicating with you. My gouldians did well this past season. I have not bred a lot of birds (28), but the quality was definitely better using your products. I was really impressed with the effect the vitamins had on the feather quality of all my birds. I am very optimistic regarding next season and feel that the positive effect of your program on my birds will be even more substantial. Have a nice day.

Marius South Africa


I am very pleased with the food and my gouldians are doing great! Thank you!

Constance Stamford, NY


Wonderful site! I have learned a lot about Gouldian finches. My pair just had four babies. Thank you!

Karen Old Greenwich, CT


Thank you so much for your advice on the telephone( neurological problem), you are better than most vets and you really live up to your great reputation

Michael Los Angeles, CA


I have one pair of gouldians and some canaries, small parrots and an African grey. I spoke with you before, I have them on feather glow and Calcivet and I gave them the ronsivet you suggested. The female looks so much better now and she has a few pin feathers on her head. Thank you so much for your help!

Linda West Covina, CA


Always a pleasure dealing with you and your associates.

Tony Waco Texas


Sorry to bug you again, but you know more about these finches than anyone! Here’s a few photos of the two birds in question. They get your finch food, grit and cuttlebone. I’m out of the liquid calcium and oyster shell. They also get the Avian nectar liquid glow vitamins and some Moulting Aid, does it go bad? I’m thinking I’ve had it for six months or so. Thanks so much for your help for the last year and a half, your website is awesome! Dori

Hi Dori, Sounds like your doing everything right. From the looks of the pictures they don’t have scaly face mites. I suspect that is just natural feather loss from rubbing on their perches and getting pecked from the other birds. Gouldians will only molt once a year so if they start to look scruffy before the year is up all you can do is keep up the vitamin supplements like you have been and add a little more calcium and molting aid to their diet to force them into growing the feathers back. You can use the Frisky Finches feather glow at a rate of 2 tablespoons per gallon 3 to 4 days a week or use 1 tablespoon per gallon as their only source of water every day. You should also treat your birds once a year with Scatt to be sure they don’t have any bugs. If your breeding wait till they are done unless you suspect they have a bug problem. It’s best to treat them with Scatt 2 to 3 months before breeding if possible. To grow their feathers back I would use 2 tablespoons per gallon of the feather glow and I would mix 2 tablespoons per gallon of the liq calcium and 2 tablespoons per gal the molting aid into one cocktail for 2 weeks straight, then cut everything back to 1 tablespoon per gal as the only source of water for another 4 to 6 weeks as needed until they are done feathering up. Then go back to just the feather glow. If breeding use 2 tablespoons of the liq calcium with the feather glow for a minimum of 30 days prior, (to avoid egg binding) then put your birds together for breeding or if already together, give them the nest boxes and reduce the liq calcium to 1 tablespoon per gal with the feather glow while breeding. Molting aid can be used year round to help maintain pretty and healthy colorful feathers! It’s great stuff. All of the products in the concentrate form are good for many years. Use them up! Once diluted into a cocktail I would keep the solutions refrigerated and after about 3 to 4 weeks if there is any left, dump it out and make a new cocktail. If using the 23% calcium gluconate be sure to keep the concentrate refrigerated or it will grow mold and you will have to toss it all out. You should treat them with the Ronivet before breeding and about once every 3 months when not breeding. The Ronivet can be mixed into the vitamin and calcium cocktail at 1 1/2 TEA-SPOON per gal. Gary

Wow, Thanks so much for all your help! I started with, and only wanted two Gouldians and now I have ten! 🙂 The boys and girls are separated now, but I won’t give any away unless I know it will be to a good home. Thanks again



Hello There! Thank You! My babies are doing much better! I meant to write to you on Sunday, but got busy and here I am. Any way they are more active and even playing a little. I have even put the meds in their bath water since the directions on the bottle said for this to be their only source of water. The past couple days it has gotten between 85 & 90 degrees on the porch so I changed the waters out because there was a very smelly odor and I was afraid that it might make them worse. I just wanted to say thanks and you WILL be getting another order from us very soon. Bobby & Joy
Dear Gary, Just received my order! Thank you so much. My 3 chicks are already coloring up and I appreciate all the information you’ve posted on the internet. Regards, Janet

Janet Yucaipa, CA


What wonderful and prompt service Gary. My two bags of finch/canary food arrived today. I’m bookmarking your site and I’ll always order from you. P.S. Aerosmith, my canary, dived right into the food and he’s a fussy eater.

Roberta China, ME


Hi Gary, Just wanted to give you an update on our “frisky finches”, we have EGGS! They have 5 eggs so far. They have been laying 1 a day. We are so excited, can’t tell how happy we are that we went through you to get them. We even bought a new aviary for them. So now the Zebra’s & Cordon Blues are in one, and the Gouldians have their very own. Thanks again for you help, we’ll stay in touch.

Susan Executive Assistant to the Medical Director, Riverside , CA


Hello Gary, My name is Vicky. I had called you over two weeks ago and had actually emailed you a picture of my gouldian hen who had a swollen vent area. You had recommended treating her with Amtyl and Ronsivet 10% or 12%. I did a study and I had Amoxitex which has the same ingredients that Amtyl has. So I ordered the Amtyl and Ronsivet 10% from you and had actually used the Amoxitex and Ronsivet 10% for the first week and continued it for another week. I am pleased to let you know it has completely gone down and she is back to normal. I just wanted to thank you. I had actually emailed a Dr. Matthews in Australia and he diagnosed her as possibly having a benign tumor. After treating her like you said, she doesn’t look to have a tumor. She did have yellow green around her droppings which I know tells me something was not right and remember reading on your site about unusual yellow droppings as being a problem and needed treating. The Ronsivet for sure took care of that problem. Thanks again.



Thank you for your information regarding breeding.

Gloria Lubbock TX


Thank you for your help the other day w/ my sick female Gouldian she is doing much better!

Lisa Greenville, SC

Janet – FL

I like doing business with people I can talk to. Don’t like talking to a machine and I know that you have quality products for the health of my birds. Thanks again!

Janet - FL

Jarryd 🙂

My Name is Jarryd, and I hail from Melbourne( Australia ) I’m 19 yrs old and with the help of my father we keep and breed Gouldian Finches, I couldn’t help but notice your fantastic website. Thank you for the information you provide. Kind regards and Happy Birding.

Jarryd 🙂


Gary , I just cant thank you enough. Every time someone asks about their finches, I send them to your website… Have a good week.


Portland OR

Thanks again for all that you have already done for me, from the beautiful birds, to the great knowledge you have taken time to share, to the great products you already supply. I truly appreciate all. Kathleen

Portland OR